Adaworx FAQ
Adaworx is not a CRM...what is the difference?Adaworx is a world-leading business automation platform. It doesn't just report on your work flow and status - it actually acts and performs infinite duties by communication, delegation and reporting all under your exact business model.
Introducing basic principles of Adaworx Automation ServicesWe speak to business owners every day. The one thing that they tend to say is: ‘I need another me’. Well, we can’t provide another you. What we can do is distil what you do into small steps that any reasonably intelligent person can follow. This means that others can replicate your process. Businesses need to be able to scale. Without process management scaling can be horrendous. Let’s look at one of the most scalable businesses in the world: McDonald’s scales very well... Why? Because they detail every part of their processes to the nth degree. This gives them the magic word for scaling: ‘Repeatability’. When companies look at their exit strategy they inevitably value their business incorrectly. If they have processes in place that are repeatable and scalable then their business is simply worth more. This is because they don’t have to be there for the business to function.
What is AdaworxAdaworx is a platform for you to create, automate and manage your business processes.
What is a business process?A business process is a collection of linked tasks which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to a client. A business process has also been defined as a set of activities and tasks that, once completed, will accomplish an organizational goal.
Is Adaworx a 'cloud based platform'?Yes. Although, if you need things to be totally private you can install the system on your own servers. Just get in touch to ask us how.
Do I have to pay for a subscription to get a process definition?No. We can provide a professional service that can deliver your process as a document. Obviously it's better if you automate things but this can be a great start.
How can Adaworx help me scale up?Just look at McDonald's .... They process things to the nth degree. This provides them with repeatability. We speak with business owners all the time and they always say: 'I wish I had another me'. Well we can't give you another you, but we can distil what you do into small incremental steps for another person to recreate what you do in another place. This allows you to to get another person to do what you do in another place.
How do processes help me when I sell my business?Quite simple. With robust and repeatable processes your business is worth more.
Is Adaworx a CRM?No. CRM failures are everywhere.... this is because you don't actually need CRM you need a process that works your way. Adaworx does provide CRM functionality but it is hidden within something far more useful.
Can I feed in data from a website.Absolutely. Adaworx is web enabled from both ends. You can get data and post data where needed.
What is the difference between Adaworx and other platforms?Other platforms are all about reporting. Adaworx is all about doing.
How can Adaworx save time?Have you ever got an appointment mixed up? We let's eliminate that by automatically sending an appointment confirmation with a link to click confirmation. This simple Automatic Dynamic Action (ADA) reduces errors. This can also be applied to many other parts of your processes letting Adaworx look after your partner, supplier and customer communications allowing you to focus on revenue.
Do I need a process?Yes. Yes you do.
Is this an 'off the shelf' product?No. Adaworx is a unique way of delivering software capabilities. You buy a software platform that is 'highly configurable'. The platform is a robust 'off the shelf' software that is configured to your way of working.
Can I change my processes without 'getting the consultants in'?Yes. Our initial idea was to stop the need for expensive consultants to perform changes. It is extremely easy to do so all on your own.
Can I use Adaworx to send bulk emails?Yes. Bulk actions are very easy to set up. This includes emails so no need for 3rd party email platforms. We can even do SMS.
Can I send surveys?Yes. No need for 3rd party survey platforms. We can even send these automatically and then act upon the results. This means that depending upon your customer's answers you can jump onto another process if required.
How many processes can I build on the platform?Realistically this is unlimited. No extra licenses are required.
Is a site license option available.Yes. Simply contact us to find out more.
Can I use another device to access Adaworx?Yes. We will run on almost anything that provides web access. This could include phones, tablets, interactive displays or even EPOS systems.
Can you use Adaworx as an IoT back end?Absolutely.